Filmography Studio Hire UK

Silo Studios is a commercial midlands based film space with large main studio and infinity cove, smaller studio space and storage. Set within 350 acres of farmland just outside of Warwick, offering a private setting and multiple outdoor locations. Exclusivity available and ideal for film, stills, product and portraiture.

Filming Set Studio Rental

Our professional film studio rental space is a perfect set for filmography and video production. Studio One comprises of a large 60m2 space, 4x7m infinity curve and 5m ceiling height. Offering access to a mezzanine lounge, hair and make up stations. Studio Two is a 20m2 space with mobile cyclorama, black-out studio and storage facilities. The Mezzanine offers a mini-kitchen, gallery over Studio One, lounge area, spin bike, hot desks, WiFi access and smart television.

Film Location Hire in Warwickshire

Our commercial studio space for film, stills, portrait, product photography and photo shoot hire is located within stunning rural Warwickshire, in the heart of England - ideal for film locations. One large studio complete with infinity curve, easy access and storage, plus two smaller studios for hire separately or as one exclusive hire.

Silo Studios is now open for business! We are a midlands based film studio space just off the M40 with easy travel access from both Birmingham and London. Looking for film studio hire in Warwickshire, contact us for more info. Looking for filming kit to hire? View our film equipment hire checklist

What is a film studio?

A commercial film studio is an entertainment or motion picture space that is a privately owned studio facility used to make films, which are handled by a production company.


The traditional model is based around making it easy to organise video shoots. Advertising agencies, brands or people hire commercial film production companies and studios to execute creative visions once they've been signed off by a client.

How much does it cost to hire a filming studio in the UK?

In the UK, film space hire with a green screen can vary, typically between £50-150 per hour. Per day a studio in the UK may charge anywhere between £500 to £2000 per day, all depending on the requirements and equipment involved, including catering options and kit hire.

At Silo Studios we offer you the exclusivity of the studio to accommodate everyone. That gives you the main studio, the smaller second studio, full use of the mezzanine and the green/dressing room. Contact us to request a quote.

What is filmography? 

There are many terms and expressions used to describe a filmography role or titles of people who work in the film or video industry. Videographer, filmmaker, producer, cinematographer, director - to name a few within the video production industry.


If you are a freelance videographer working by yourself, then you are the director, producer, camera person, sound engineer and editor. Videographer is a reasonably new term. Filmmaker or cinematographer appears to be the latest titles for freelance videographers.


Cinematography would apply to a video with cinematic qualities. For example, a video produced that contains a story line, or a wedding video, using sounds, music and special visual effects.

What our clients say...

"Amazed how good the space was and how clean and useable this studio was. This will now be my studio of choice in the Midlands. Food was ace too and left happy." - Mark

"Great photo and film studio hire. A hidden gem in Warwickshire, offering a huge internal white space and many external film locations in the countryside and woodlands. Fantastic team!" - Tom

"Awesome space for shooting, Fantastic team and overall a great experience. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." - Jack




 noun: silo; plural noun: silos

   1.  a tall tower or pit on a farm used to store grain. 

   2.  an underground chamber in which a guided missile is kept ready for firing.

   3.  a system, process, department, etc. that operates in isolation from others. 

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