Professional Infinity Curve Studio Midlands

At Silo Studios we are proud to showcase one of the largest infinity curves in Warwickshire! An infinity curve, also sometimes called an infinity cove, is used to create a stage with a plain, single-colour background.

What is an infinity curve in photography?

The defining feature of an infinity curve is a lack of angles. Since an infinity curve doesn’t have any corners, shadows don’t gather in the background. The end result is a finished image where the subject appears to have been placed on plain white paper or a blank canvas. This sense that the background simply continues on forever in all directions is what gives rise to the term “infinity curve".

Why use an infinity curve for photography?

In product photography an infinity curve is popular, as photographers are able to clearly define the subject of an image by remove the appearance of a background of any kind. It’s also a commonly used approach among photographers who want to be able to easily mask objects during post-production work in Photoshop, and special effects designers often prefer to use it, too.


Portrait photographers also like to use this method to create the appearance of an ethereal, almost heavenly space around a subject.

Using an infinity curve sets a photographer apart from the rest of the pack. The look created by shooting subjects in an infinity cove is breath-taking, and the results can help a studio generate more business.

Silo Studios is one of few studios outside of London with an infinite cove, and at 7m x 4m, our cove is the largest in the Midlands.


If you are interested in booking a commercial photo or film shoot - reach out to us at Silo Studios.

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"Amazed how good the space was and how clean and useable this studio was. This will now be my studio of choice in the Midlands. Food was ace too and left happy."





 noun: silo; plural noun: silos

   1.  a tall tower or pit on a farm used to store grain. 

   2.  an underground chamber in which a guided missile is kept ready for firing.

   3.  a system, process, department, etc. that operates in isolation from others.