• Lex Lea

Commercial Photography: Explained - What is Commercial Photography?

At Silo Studios we are passionate about commercial photography. The pictures captured in commercial photography are for the sole purposes of benefitting an individual or company from a business standpoint.

Commercial Photography can be quite broad, but the two basic purposes of commercial photography are:

  • Selling a ‘product’

  • Promoting a business or a person

These images are most commonly used on websites, in magazines, billboard advertisements, social media and for ecommerce purposes.

Product Photography

The goal here is to show off the product in its entirety, no detail, however small, should be overlooked. Presenting a more detailed picture will help people become more interested in whatever you are offering.

Great product photography takes into careful consideration the tools of proper lighting, background materials, sharp camera focus with proper depth of field, advantageous camera angles and careful editing.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography has existed almost as long as photography itself has been around. It focuses on the display of clothing and items, and is most common on advertising boards and in fashion magazines.

The photography will usually feature models wearing the display items. Photographers have to focus on the model as much as the item itself. They have to figure out the ideal pose for the model to strike and how they can best capture the model’s physical features. Fashion photography is a shining example of how even pictures taken for the purposes of promoting or selling something can still be highly artistic and unique.

Food Photography

Food is something we all need to survive, why would anyone need to try and sell it? Just like any other industry, you have a near endless amount of competitors. The challenge is trying to show that the type of food you’re offering is desirable and different enough from the other offerings that it is worth purchasing.

Food stylists are nearly always hired for a food shoot, and they will use a variety of creative techniques to ensure that the food looks fresh and delicious. Examples of tricks used include using cardboard to give dishes greater height, substituting motor oil in for maple syrup to create more delicious-looking pancakes, and relying on dish soap to produce fizzy drinks!

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